Sunday, March 29, 2009


A well maintained home flower garden is everyone's dream. While most of the people believe that flower gardening is not everyone's cup of tea, I'd say that it's not that much difficult too. People project it as if it's a nightmare, but we work hard to make money we must work hard to have a beautiful flower garden. Like we receive a salary as the reward of our hard work you'll get beautiful flowers which will erase any kind of fatigue or pain you incurred due to your flower garden. Just use a little bit of creativity and design a flower garden and get closer to nature right outside your home. The first thing to do is to plan your home flower garden. There are usually two methods of gardening. The first method stresses on the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. These chemical in the long run may prove to destroy the soil organisms and throw flowers out of their natural balance. The other type of gardening is known as organic gardening where everything natural is used for the maintenance of the garden.

Organic gardening is preferable for flower gardening. This is because flowers are delicate and organic gardening is most suitable for them. You will have to decide which type of flowers you would like to grow in your garden. Next you will have to check whether the climatic conditions and the soil in your garden will be able to maintain the growth of the flowers. It is recommended that you read flower garden books to get more details about the different types of flowers and the climates and soils in which they grow.

You can use natives in your garden as they are relatively easy to maintain than exotic species. Exotic species can be aggressive and disruptive in your garden as their natural predators are not present in the new environment. You must take the time to closely observe the relationships between plant communities in nature. You can also visit a nursery and take guidance from the staff in the nursery. The staff at the nursery will ask you basic questions about your choice, the nature of your garden, etc. Based on your answers, the staff will recommend you the types of flowers that you can grow in your garden and also give you tips on how to look after you flower garden. The local nurseries are more helpful than big nurseries as they can give you special assistance on the types of plants to be grown and also give you tips on planting and maintenance.

You can also take help from the local gardeners and also refer to websites on flower gardening for further information. Think about the different possibilities that you can have in your flower garden. Think about the possibilities of raised beds, borders, benches and trellises.